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Congratulations VIIKAN have 7 feet Printing Line

VIIKAN 7 feet Printing Line

Our factory ordered a 7 feet decor paper printing line today. From now on, except for the previous width of 950mm and 1250mm, we can also print 1830mm and 2100mm decorative paper rolls. If you have demand for 6 feet or 7 feet of melamine decor paper later, welcome to contact us for further cooperation.

Currently, more and more furniture factories prefer to use 6′ or 7′ width melamine paper-faced board to make furniture, 4 feet printing line already cannot meet customers’ needs. In order to expand our business and let the customers have more choice, we installed the 7 feet printing machine. Because we are lack 6 feet and 7 feet cylinders, we are finding customers to open free cylinders for mutual benefit. If you have a new design and want to find a factory to print for you, please feel free to contact us. We can help you to save the cylinder cost.

For more information, please mail us or Whatsapp at +86-15129284309.

Warmly welcome your inquiry.

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