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The reason for breaks and folding for melamine paper

During the production of melamine paper, there might be some folding or breaks on the paper. Why it is happened? Below is our explanation for your reference.

1.   When we produce the melamine impregnated paper, if the braking of the paper opening machine is too strong, it may bring the wrong position of the cylinder. Otherwise, too much close distance between the upper cylinder and pre-impregnated cylinder also can cause the wrinkle or breaking of melamine decorative paper.

2.   During the production of melamine impregnated paper, if the tension of the decorative paper on the glue tank or on the dryer is too much, it will make the wrinkle or breaking for the melamine paper.

melamine impregnated paper.jpg

3.   The amount of melamine decorative paper volatile content from the first dryer to the nip rollers is not suitable.  

4.   It is because the uneven weight of the original decorative paper has wrinkles, cracks, or the tensile strength of wet original paper is not enough.

If there is pleated or broken paper during melamine impregnated printing paper production, it is mainly caused by the above reasons, VIIKAN will pay much attention to that.

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