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Kinds of Decorative Paper II

Today I will introduce you 2 more kinds of decorative paper high-pressure melamine impregnated paper and low-pressure melamine impregnated paper.

Kinds of Decorative Paper 1.jpg

3 High Press Melamine Impregnated Paper

High press melamine impregnated paper is used for producing decorative high press melamine impregnated board (HPL, called the fireproof board). HPL is pressed with surface paper, decorative paper, and some base papers and it mainly used for producing interior decoration of the train carriage, office furniture, and kitchen cabinet. 1960s Beijing Guanghua Timber Factory and Shanghai Yangzi Timber Factory would start to produce HPL. When producing HPL, the decorative papers, ink, printing, and plate making they used are all domestic. Foreign HPL came to China market in 2000, Yangzi used German decorative paper at once gives domestic HPL get a new look.

4 Low Press Melamine Impregnated Paper

Low press melamine impregnated paper is suitable for LPL and is mainly used for furniture, floor, and house decoration by MDF and HDF. The low-Pressure method was successfully developed by Germany in the 1960s and introduced to China in the 1980s. The weight of decorative paper used at that time was 100-120gsm and 80gsm and it needed import from Europe. The demand for the low press melamine impregnated paper increased speedily along with the development of the domestic wood floor and office furniture in the middle and late 1990s. The demand for domestic melamine impregnated paper reached 7.9 billion tons in 2006.

Kinds of Decorative Paper 2.jpg

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