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Daily Use of Decorative Melamine Paper

As a daily decorative material, what should be noticed for melamine paper daily use? Here is some advice.

Buying melamine paper, customer should notice that whether each roll of the serial number and the batch number of from the glue paper is same or not. If the serial number is the same, but the produce time is different, the color of the impregnated paper will have little different. For that reason, when buying resin paper, customer must be sure of the serial and produce time, otherwise, the color difference will break the overall decoration appearance.

When the curling is turned on the melamine impregnated paper, the customer should use the special wallpaper glue to paint on the curling, then using the scraper press it, the curling will disappear. If the bubble occurs, the customer can inject the special wallpaper glue into the wallpaper, then wipe off the excess glue.

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