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The Benefits of Decorative Paper Glued for Ecological Board

The decorative paper glued on the ecological melamine board not only makes the wood board more beautiful but can protect the wood board.

As the ideal material for producing furniture, interior door, the impregnated board is ecological board, wallboard, and speakers, melamine impregnated board is also called ecological board. After printing with ink, the decorative paper has a good decorative effect. With impregnation procedure, melamine paper has a bright color, beautiful texture, and cheap price. It is the common material for an embossed wood board.

Melamine Decorative Paper.jpg

Melamine decorative paper has a natural texture, the wood grain is clear that can compare with the log. After laminating on melamine board, it is easy to produce and daily use. With a beautiful surface and lower cost, melamine impregnated decorative paper is the environmental, non-toxic, and non-polluting paint-free decorative material in the new age.

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