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Application of Melamine Impregnated Paper I

Melamine board which used in different modern decorations is made by melamine impregnated paper and MDF through suppressing technology. How melamine board is used?

   1 Special Paper

  After treatment by ether, melamine paper becomes the special paper that is anti-wrinkle, anti-shrink, and not rot special paper. This special paper will be used in producing money and a military map.

Application of Melamine Impregnated Paper.png

Decorative Board with Special Function

  Melamine board can be made for lamination board that is fireproof, shock-resistant, and heat-resistant. This special board can be used in producing plane, ship, furniture, and house decorative material that is fireproof, shock-resistant, and heat-resistant.

As a kind of chemical raw material, the usage of melamine board made by melamine impregnated paper and MDF is very wide. Customers can buy the melamine board depend on their actual demand.

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