Who We Are

VIIKAN DECOR is the export branch of QIANSHAN WOOD GROUP.

Since 1998, QIANSHAN is specialized to produce decorative paper, melamine paper, and melamine board. The factory is located in Linyi, Shandong province, China. With more than 100,000 square meter workshops and 1,000 workers, Qianshan has become a leading company in the wood industry. Our factory has 7 printing lines for decorative paper, 5 impregnation lines for melamine paper, and 79 lamination machines for melamine board. Now we have developed more than 1000 kinds of cylinders and 3000 kinds of colors for customers’ choice.

In 2012, with the increase of our export amount, VIIKAN is founded to make the export business become easier. VIIKAN is built to offer professional service for overseas customers. Now we have sold the products to more than 30 countries like India, Pakistan, Iran, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabic, Turkey., etc.

What We Produce

We accept the order of different size and quality.

20+ Years Experience in decorative paper & Melamine Board

Where We Export

We have sold the products to more than 30 countries. Now our main market is:

1. South Asia, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.

2. South-East Asia like Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

3. The Middle East, like Saudi Arabic, Iran, Syria, Jordan, etc.

4. Some Africa and Latin American countries. 

Mr. Abhay

This is an India customer who visit us in 2019.

Mr. UJ

This is a Pakistan customer who are visiting our decor paper workshop.

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Mr. Ejaz

We are showing the latest designs to an Iran customer.

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This is a Palestine customer who visited our factory in 2018.

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This is a Sudan client who visited us in 2017.

Mr. Shabaz

We were visiting a Pakistan customer in 2016.

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This is a Nepal customer who visited us in 2018.

Mr. Siam

This is a Lebanon Customer who visited us in 2017.

Mr. Muki

We accompany an India customer to visit West Lake.

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Email: natalie@viikan.com

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